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Gamers Mode

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Gamers Mode Gamers Standing desk package was designed to allow you to set your perfect height and ergonomic position with a push of a button. A sit to stand gaming desk is essential for your health and fights fatigue whether you’re a casual or professional eSports gamer. Our stand up desk keeps you moving and energetic. a premium desktop surface that will take your game to the next level.  Color choices are Black, White, and brown. The included Monitor Arm provides the perfect ergonomic distance and angle from your screen.

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Gamers Mode

Smooth Height Adjustment

Our standard electric height-adjustable desk frame ensures a smooth and comfortable height adjustment experience so users both short and tall can find their ideal desk height whether sitting or standing. Best of all, making adjustments is as easy as touching a button on the control panel.





Alternative Width Adjustment

Our versatile electric height adjustable desk frame also moves laterally, capable of extending the desktop with ease. Width can be adjusted to support table top sizes from (120 to 200 cm) x 60 cm




Operation Electric
Motor Dual
Column Design Enhanced & Square Column
Height Range 60 to 126 cm
Speed 38mm/s
Load Capacity 125 kg
Power 6A , 100-220V
Frame weight 30 kg