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Our Mission

Basically Our mission is to is to eliminate unhealthy work environment with all suitable products

Who we are

FlakeTech is the first specialized company in standing desks in the Middle East. Leading the industry with our latest high tech flake desks with more than 15 years experience in the field . We introduce a variety of Standing Desks with built in accessories to suit your needs. Based on our expertise studies ; we finally Created multiple tailored setup ,moods(Doctors, employees , Gamers , Athletes , Students , Managers) to suit, your lifestyle.

Work smart not hard with a healthier work environment

Whether your work happens in a home office or cubicle, you can benefit from our quality ergonomic office furniture that adapts to your unique needs and style. With our reliable team of experts here to help you piece together the workstation that keeps you and your employees healthy, you can rest assured that knowledgeable professionals are standing behind you every step of the way with an industry-leading warranty to back up every product.

Standing Desks

Switch between sitting and standing while working to maintain your overall health

Monitor Arms

Monitor arms let you move and position your screen setup to the spot most comfortable for

your eyes, neck, back, and entire body.


standing for too long isn’t ideal for anyone. It’s okay to take a seat from time to time. Sitting in the right ergonomic chair increases focus, gives your muscles a break,

Our Valuable Customers