Dostal Workstation

Dostal Workstation : Extend a comfortable life by creating a healthy and happy workplace. Energize the organization through flexible and effective office strategies .  Drive a new business civilization with omnipresent smart office . Suitable for office environment Improve office environment and office efficiency .

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Dostal Workstation

features :

Dimensions: Desk dimensions : L:120 cm W:60 cm H:75 cm

Workstation frame : L:240 cm W:120 cm H:75 cm

Tabletop: L:120 cm W:60 cm

Metal leg section : 4*4cm

Specs: Tabletop thickness : 24mm/18mm

Tabletop material : MDF covered by HPL layer and melamine in the back

Desk separator material : MDF/MDF with fabric / acrylic

Additional info: You can add Power Bundle or cable management in tabletop Size can be customise


The Dostal Workstation Desk is a type of desk designed for use in a professional or home office setting. It is a large, spacious desk that provides ample room for a computer, peripherals, and other office supplies.

The desk is typically made from high-quality materials, such as wood or metal, and may feature a variety of additional features and accessories.

The Dostal Workstation Desk is a type of desk designed to provide a functional workspace for individuals who spend extended periods of time working on a computer. The desk is designed to be ergonomic, which means that it is designed to minimize physical stress and strain on the body.

The Dostal Workstation Desk features an adjustable height, which allows the user to adjust the desk’s height to a comfortable level for their individual needs. The desk also has a tilting keyboard tray, which allows the user to adjust the angle of the keyboard for more comfortable typing.

In addition, the Dostal Workstation Desk has a number of other features, such as cable management to keep cords and cables organized and out of the way, and a built-in document holder to help reduce neck strain. Some models also have built-in power outlets and USB ports.

Overall, the Dostal Workstation Desk is designed to provide a comfortable and efficient workspace for individuals who spend a significant amount of time working on a computer.


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Number of Person

2 Person, 4 Person, 6 Person, 8 Person, 10 Person, 12 Person

Color of Leg

White, Black, Gray

Color of Table Top

White, Black, Brown, Beige

Dostal Workstation