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Flake Dual Motorized Desk


FlakeTech Dual Motorized Desk
An amazing Sit- standing experience for years to come ,it can carry up to 125 kg.

Dual Motor Technology enables faster and stable adjustments , Very Smooth and powerful height adjustment, it is as easy as touching a screen . Adjustable Height form 58 cm to 123 cm.

Touch Screen handset with advanced feature of 4  memory positions that lets you easily switch between your preferred standing and sitting positions. In addition to USB charging outlet.

. Desk exceeds Test Standards for safety, quality, stability, and reliability. Designed for maximum structural integrity, our frame features.

Customize your tabletop tabletops with desired finish , thickness and style

Power Bundle solution for wire management including door grommet and Surge holder


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Flake Dual Motorized DeskSmooth Height Adjustment

Our standard electric height-adjustable desk frame with double motors ensures a smooth and comfortable height adjustment experience
Adjustable Height form 58 cm to 123 cm





Flake Dual Motorized Desk



Alternative Width Adjustment

Our versatile electric height adjustable desk frame also moves laterally, capable of extending the desktop with ease. Recommended Table top Width 120 cm to 200 cm.




Touch screen handset Flake Dual Motorized Desk

Touch screen handset with advanced features. 4 memory position, usb for charging outlet and child lock.







Operation Electric
Motor Dual
Column Design Enhanced & Square Column
Height Range 58 to 123 cm
Speed 38mm/s
Load Capacity 125 kg
Power 6A , 100-220V
Frame weight 25 kg


Flake DUAL Motorized Desk FEATURES

– Exclusive FlakeTech product with advanced features:

Dual Motor Technology enables faster and stable adjustments
– Touch screen handset (4 program memory + USB charging outlet )
– Child lock
– Collision detection (Provide safety from colliding with objects obstructing the path of movement, When an obstruction is detected,  desk will automatically stop then move a little in opposite direction.)
– Adjustable width to support Tabletop from 1 to 1.6 m
Ultra silent while running. Under 50dB in running mode.
– Spare parts available
– Three stage enhanced to ensure smooth and precise electric lifting capability
– Designed for maximum structural integrity, double steel tubing which ensure stability at maximum height
– Double coating for scratches, stains and water resistance
Width adjustable from 1 to 1.6 m
– Load 125k

– Quick installation (Installation Manual+ Video + all pins available) with customer service support
Warranty : 2 years
-Various TableTop variations and customization is available 

Additional information

Color Of Leg

black, grey, White

Table Top Size

200 x 80, 140 x 80, 160 x 80, 120 x 60

TableTop Color

Black, White, Brown

Flake Dual Motorized Desk
Flake Dual Motorized Desk