Modern Wood Counter

Design your Company with an Elegant Reception Counter , We Can customize you any Size in flaketech .This is perfect for any office or business. It features a sleek, modern design and is made of durable materials.

It has plenty of storage space and is easy to clean and maintain. The countertop is made of a scratch-resistant laminate that will last for years to come. This reception counter will provide a professional look to any office or business.


Reception Counter



L :180 / 200 /220 /240 W:90 H:115 cm

Material: MDF coverd by HPL


Wood counter of two level tops fully

Wood thickness: 1.8 cm

Additional info: Size can be customized

The reception counter is a physical location typically found in public or commercial buildings where visitors, customers, or clients are received and assisted. It is usually located at the entrance or lobby of a building and is staffed by receptionists or customer service representatives.

The primary purpose of a reception counter is to provide a point of contact between visitors and the organization, as well as to facilitate communication and manage inquiries.

Receptionists may answer phone calls, direct visitors to the appropriate department or individual, provide information about the organization, schedule appointments, handle mail and deliveries, and perform other administrative tasks.

The reception counter is often the first point of contact that people have with an organization, and as such, it plays an important role in creating a positive first impression. A well-organized and welcoming reception area can help to create a professional image and build trust with visitors.

The Reception Counter is a stylish and functional piece of furniture that is perfect for any office or lobby. It features a sleek, modern design with a durable laminate top and metal frame. The countertop has plenty of space for paperwork and other items, while the lower shelf provides additional storage.

The counter also includes a locking drawer for added security. The counter is available in several colors to match any décor. It’s easy to assemble and comes with all necessary hardware.

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Modern Wood Counter