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Wheels Keep your desk mobile and your floors safe with our Soft Roll Desk Casters. Traverse any surface with ease—from a cable-covered carpet to a delicate hardwood—without feeling any big bumps to your desk or risking scratches to your floors. Move your desk or table whenever you need, then simply lock the casters when you’re ready to work. Wheels These desk casters are compatible with any Flake desk frame or table frame (even side tables) and can even handle desks and tables that hold a lot of weight: up to 100 kg per caster. Make your Flake workstation as mobile as you need.


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  • Casters are compatible with all Flake desks and frames, even side table frames
  • This larger diameter caster traverses uneven surfaces better (over bumps, cracks, and cables)
  • Soft rubberized tread is gentle on any flooring including hardwood
  • Locking casters keep your desk in place and provide stability. Unlock to move, then lock when ready to work
  • Adding Soft Roll Desk Casters raises your Flake desks and tables by about 2.5 cm of extra height
  • Molded black polyamide with soft gray polyurethane tread coordinate with any desk

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