Power Bundle


Our Power Bundle in flaketech is the perfect solution for anyone looking to maximize their productivity and organization. This bundle includes a desk with a flaketech surface, providing a durable and smooth work surface, along with a power strip and cable management system to keep your devices charged and cords neatly organized. The desk is available in various sizes and finishes to fit your individual needs and style preferences. With the Power Bundle in flaketech, you’ll have everything you need to stay focused and productive throughout the day.




Power Bundle

Organize your Wires and cables with our Unique and smart Power Bundle

Items Included :

  •  Door desk with brush for power outlets  material :  Aluminium   size : 40*10 cm
  •  Power adapter holder : 70 x 15 cm

When you have a height adjustable desk, you definitely need Cable management to prevent accidents like snags and tripping when you adjust your desk.

Collects your electric and computer cables together; makes it easier to keep your work area tidy .

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Power Bundle