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Seated Bag Drawer


Introducing the Seated Bag Drawer, now available in flaketech. This innovative storage solution provides a comfortable seating option while also offering ample storage space for your belongings. Made with high-quality flaketech material, this drawer is durable and built to last. Upgrade your living space with the Seated Bag Drawer in flaketech today!    


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Seated Bag Drawer

Enjoy work with the safe office storage you’ve always wanted with the Seated Bag Drawer File Cabinet.


– Premium quality wood and finish
– Lock for all 3 drawers
– Wheels for ease of move
– 4 color options stock
– Match your office colors: Customization available : More color options , sizes and structure modifications
– Gurantee 2 year
– Running sliders with fast durable accessory
– Detailed finish inside and outside
– Anti scratch , dust and stains
– Easy to clean
– Bag/CPU open storage
– Premium Seated comfort cushion for multi use (Color option avaible)

  • Clutter-free Workspaces – Three drawers shelter your stuff
  • Secure Storage – All three drawers lock via 1 key (extra key included)
  • Edge Corners – design is simply stylish
  • Letter and Legal Ready – Bottom drawer holds folders and paper
  • Mobile Yet Stable – Includes casters for mobility that lock for stability
  • No Drawer Slamming – Soft-close feature on the top drawer
  • Choice of Colors – Black, white, Brown


The Seated Bag Drawer in flaketech is the ultimate storage solution for any home or office. This multi-functional drawer provides a comfortable seating option with a generous storage space for your personal belongings, making it an ideal addition to any room. Made from premium quality flaketech material, this drawer is sturdy and resilient, ensuring long-lasting durability. Its sleek and contemporary design adds a touch of elegance to any space, while its spacious compartment allows for easy organization of your items. Get your Seated Bag Drawer in flaketech today and enjoy a clutter-free and comfortable living space.

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White, Black, Walnut