All you want to know about electric standing desks 2023

All you want to know about electric standing desks 2023

Electric standing desks help you change the sedentary lifestyle that causes many health problems. If the person is in the wrong position, in the case of fixed sitting, serious pains in the spine will develop in addition to other pains. You can prevent the problem by choosing comfortable office furniture and assigning it to yourself. The electric standing desks from Flaketech Company are the most optimal and comfortable at an affordable price. The office chair adjusts to a suitable height and backrest angle that makes you feel comfortable. The whole process will only take a couple of minutes, but it will definitely make life easier for the employees in the offices.

Electric standing desks


Working in front of a computer usually involves sitting for a long time, which increases pressure on the spine.

Therefore, it is necessary to have certain specifications in any office chair or office desk, so that it is comfortable, supports the lower back, secures a suitable position, and prevents the development of any health problems.

This is what the electric standing desks give you, as they enable you to control the height and fall and help you change your position from time to time. If you get tired of sitting, you can stand and do all that electrically.

If you are looking for the best companies in the sale of electric standing desks, there is nothing better than the first Flaketech company in Egypt, as it provides you with high quality and varied standing desks to suit all styles to enable you to choose easily.

Reasons to stand by your standing desk


New studies indicate that standing desks are more likely to help people lose weight or avoid weight gain, among other very important reasons.

  • Electric standing desks protect you from the risk of back, neck, and shoulder pain.
  • Standing desk fans point to studies that show that after eating, blood sugar levels return to normal faster on days when a person spends more time standing.
  • Also, sitting for a long time exposes you to many diseases, unlike directing your work while you are at an electric standing desk, as it gives you a feeling of comfort and makes you more productive and focused.

What features should an ergonomic office desk have?


Any office desk you will choose must have several points, including:

1- The appropriate seat height in any office:-The seat height of the office chair must be adjustable, and the easiest way to do this is the electric way in electric standing office desks.

The most appropriate seat height from the ground ranges from 16 to 21 inches.

This allows the person to keep his feet flat on the ground, with the thighs positioned horizontally, and the arms at the level of the desktop, and this is what Flaketech Company offers you through electric standing desks.

2- The length and width of the chair:-The seat width should be wide enough for you to sit comfortably, and this is usually achieved when it is 17 to 20 inches.

The distance from front to back must also be appropriate for the person’s back to reach the backrest of the chair.

Leave about 2 to 4 inches between the bottoms of your knees and the seat.

Increasing or decreasing this distance may lead to unjustified pressure on them.

3- The possibility of reclining the chair:- Ergonomic electric standing desks allow the seat to be tilted forward or backward. 

This keeps the pelvis in a neutral position when seated, with the hips, knees, and ankles at 80-degree angles.

4- The importance of supporting the office desk for the lower back area:- It is very important to support the lower back while working on the computer because the lumbar region of the spine naturally curves forward.

But sitting for long periods leads to a flattening of this curve, and stress discs between the vertebrae.

Therefore, with electric standing desks, the lower support area can be adjusted so that it becomes aligned with the curvature of the spine.

This prevents slipping, reduces pressure on the pelvis, and provides optimal support.

5- Backrest in office desks:-The backrest width of ergonomic standing desks is usually 12 to 19 inches.

It is also located separately from the seat, which makes its height and angle adjustable and set in more customized positions for each user, which is what is called the electric standing desks that are available at Flaketech Company.

Thus, the natural curve of the spine and lower back muscles are easily supported and leave you feeling energized and comfortable


What are the harms of uncomfortable office desks on health?

Many negative effects occur due to prolonged sitting in uncomfortable office chairs, including:-

  • The curvature of the spine:-The three main curves of the spine come together to form an “S”. But sitting with poor posture can alter the shape of these natural curves.
  • This leads to increased pressure on the intervertebral discs, and a decrease in their ability to absorb shocks.
  • Thus exposing the body to the possibility of developing more serious injuries in the future.
  • Back pain:-One of the most common side effects of a prolonged sitting position is unwanted pressure on the upper and lower back.
  • This causes the area between the shoulder blades to compress, and the back muscles to flatten.
  • So if you suffer from lower neck or back pain after a long working day, it is likely that you are not sitting properly, so buy electric standing desks to feel more comfortable.
  • Neck pain and headache:-Sitting in front of the computer with the shoulders bent forward or the head down lower negatively affects the neck.
  • Which causes spasms of the back and neck muscles, and thus the occurrence of tension headaches. Avoid this with electric standing desks or adjustable standing desks.
  • Lack of sleep:-Wrong sitting positions harm the entire muscular system, making you spend the night trying to find a comfortable position for your neck and back. 
  • And in the end, you lose many precious hours of sleep.

If you work at a desk regularly to study or work on a computer, we recommend electric standing desks, as they are more flexible and comfortable, and you can control them as you like. Many people develop dangerous hyperextension of the spinal ligaments as a result of sitting in unsuitable office chairs for long periods. On the other hand, we find that adjusting the office chair is simple and the electric standing desks do it automatically.