Customize your workspace with a sit stand desk from Flaketech

Customize your workspace with a sit stand desk from Flaketech

sit stand desk If you work like us in a job that requires you to sit for eight hours or more every day, then you need to sit on a comfortable desk such as a standing desk from the most famous company, Flaketech. Our spines were not built to

withstand hours of sitting, but we usually work late and even eat our food at the desk. Sitting for long periods may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, and it also leads to neck, back, and joint pain, in addition to curvature of the spine and other problems.

Investing in a better office chair can protect you from these problems. Sit stand desk has special advantages such as lumbar support and adjustable designs, and it allows breathing through it due to its mesh design. These

features are usually at exorbitant prices that shock you when you see them.But Flaketech Company offers you all that at reasonable prices.

Sit Stand Desk


It can be said that standing desks are the best piece of office furniture to increase productivity and improve the office work environment.

Also, sit stand desk gives you a lot of freedom and activity, maintains your physical health, and blood circulation, and enhances your energy at work. Therefore, Flactic Police offers you a variety of office additions with adjustable heights.

To ensure that you can perform your work day most comfortably and conveniently. Create your perfect workspace in your workplace with Sit and Stand Desk!

Sit-stand desk works wonders for treating back pain, supporting your body during long periods of sitting and helping to prevent pain. It features a back design that encourages proper sitting and stimulates blood circulation.

Flaketech to buy a standing desk in Egypt at the best price?


Are you looking for a high-quality standing desk that has all the right features and standards for use in Egypt? You can find a standing desk in Flaketech store at the best prices. Stay up to date with our festive specials, offers, and discounts.

Where is the best shopping store for an adjustable standing desk?


The answer is Flaketech Egypt, where you can get a standing desk easily from the international market at reasonable prices, with exceptional quality, and in a variety of styles that suit everyone such as students, doctors, employees, etc.

Is Flactic Store a trustworthy website for standing desk shopping?


Flaketech is a well-known company in the Egyptian market, and it is one of the largest companies specializing in standing desks.

Standards that must be met at a standing desk


When searching for the right standing desk or electric standing desk, you may want to consider some application-specific factors to determine which one is right for you. 

Here are some factors to consider when choosing an adjustable standing desk.

  • Height range:- The height range gives you the minimum and maximum height your electronic desk can achieve.
  • You will need to make sure that your escalator can be low enough to allow you to sit and work comfortably when used as a sit-down desk and high enough to allow you to stand and work comfortably when used as a standing desk.
  • Weight Capacity:- The weight capacity will tell you the maximum weight your desk can safely stand.
  • Plinth Width:- The plinth width will tell you how wide the base of your desk will be, and is usually specified as a range from minimum to maximum width.
  • Some electronic standing desks have adjustable bases to allow you to adjust the width, while others may provide each leg as a separate power lift.
  • In these cases, the width of the base will give you the minimum and maximum distance between each leg of the standing desk.

What is the modification of standing desks?


Desk lift is a mechanism that allows you to convert your regular sitting desk into a standing desk. These mechanisms have grown in popularity as more people become aware of the risks of prolonged sitting and the benefits of standing with standing desks.

With more and more people working from home or in organizations for extended periods, standing desk lifts are required to help create a healthier workplace.

What is comfortable office furniture (standing desks)?


There are many types of furniture that we know and have been in circulation recently, but the most famous, most modern and comfortable, and taking into account the adjustment of the employee’s position as he likes, are the standing desks.

The workplace must contain many devices and units that help in completing the work in the best possible way, as shown:

How long does a standing office last?


The longevity of a standing desk depends largely and fundamentally on the materials and quality used in its manufacture. It is worth noting that a high-quality standing desk should last between five to ten years with regular use.

The life of an office desk can be greatly extended if a higher grade of material is used, such as maple or oak, instead of particleboard.

Plus, taking good care of your standing desk and using it responsibly can last longer.

So if you choose to use a high-quality finish such as oil or varnish for your standing desk, this can help protect the wood from wear and tear and extend its life, and if you are looking for a high-quality standing desk, Flaketech is your undisputed choice.

It may occur to some that the best office furniture is certain office furniture, or the best types of office furniture are certain types of certain brands, certain furniture centers, or places dedicated to making furniture, but the best

office furniture is the standing office furniture that fits with you and your body and gives you Comfort and

flexibility, as well as the necessary levels of comfort and safety for employees, commensurate with the nature of the job and the workplace, standing desks include all of these things, so you have the best office furniture from a certified company specialized in this field, which is Flaketech company.