A standing desk chair for more comfort in your work

A standing desk chair for more comfort in your work

A standing desk chair is a desk designed for writing, reading, or drawing while standing or while sitting on an adjustable high chair to change your position as you like.

Standing desks are made in different shapes and styles. Standing desks may be specialized to suit specific tasks, such as some variations of architectural drafting desks.

Some traditional desks can only be used while standing while a standing office chair allows users to sit or stand by adjusting the height of the chair using an electric motor, hand crank, or counterbalance system.

Some desks are also built like teachers’ podiums, allowing them to be placed on top of an existing desk for standing, or removed for sitting.

A standing desk chair From FlakeTech


Standing desk chairs have now become one of the best types of comfortable modern office furniture that is very popular with people because of its many advantages that contribute to the comfort of employees and increase their productivity.

The standing desk chair from Flaketech offers you many options that work for your comfort at all times, as the height of the standing office chair can be adjusted to the position that suits you and the nature of your work.

This is purported to be healthier than a standing sit-only desk. Standing desks may have a role in reducing the sitting time during a long work day.

The difference between a fixed chair and a standing office chair

  • The height of most standing desk chairs is standardized, standing desks are made in many different heights ranging from 70 to 128 cm (28 to 50 in).
  • Ideally, the height of a standing desk would only fit the height of its user.
  • But with adjustable standing office chairs, the height can be adjusted for the user by adjusting the height of the user’s chair.
  • To solve this problem, a standing desk may either be custom-made, to fit the user’s height or made with adjustable parts.
  • In standing desks that are adjustable for writing or drafting, the angle or inclination of the surface may be adjustable, with a typical drawing table or trenching-style table.
  • If the desk is made for computer use, the legs may be adjustable.
  • Therefore, there is a very big difference between a fixed office chair and an adjustable standing desk chair. Flaketech provides you with many types and styles of standing desks to suit all your needs.

The best standing desk chair

If there is a specific piece that is recommended for you to invest in office furniture, it would definitely be the chair. But not just any chair, a desk chair should be comfortable and fit your body.

This is because we spend long hours working at the desk, so the position of the back and neck must be comfortable so that they do not get hurt in the long run.

So what is the best ergonomic office chair? Here are some tips and recommendations if you want to buy a standing desk chair for a better work environment.

An adjustable standing desk chair from Flaketech, a company specialized in this field for years. This chair will give you a feeling of comfort for the back and neck vertebrae as well.

The chair has a comfortable base, its back is more suitable for your health, and it features arms on both sides. The design of the back of the chair is flexible to provide comfort to the back and prevent boredom.

In addition, the standing desk chair is easy to move, and the length of the chair can be adjusted up or down and change your position based on your need.

It is distinguished by its elegant black color and is suitable for companies, banks, and other business establishments.

The benefit of a standing desk chair


Standing desks are essential pieces of office furniture that have revolutionized the way we think about work. Research indicates that there are a lot of health benefits to standing desk chairs if you use them correctly.

  • It is worth noting that you must be comfortable to make the most of your standing desk.
  • This means that you need to find the best standing office chair as a standing desk can help you increase productivity throughout the day.
  • But be careful if you stand for too long or have poor posture, you may not get all of these great benefits.
  • Finding a quality standing desk chair for a standing desk can help you stay on track and achieve success in your business.

Non-adjustable desk chair effect


Health studies indicate that providing employees with the option of a standing desk reduces the length of time an employee sits.

It is also clear to compare standing desks and their benefits in the workplace to reduce the length of time employees sit during the workday and between non adjustable desks.

Standing desk chairs may reduce lower back pain among people in the workplace. In a sedentary population, changing posture may reduce the chance of developing low back pain.

There is no international consensus on recommended levels of sitting and standing at work, and suggested workplace practices vary in different countries.

Research has linked prolonged sitting to health problems, including obesity and metabolic syndrome, a group of conditions that includes increased blood pressure.

High blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol levels, in addition to the many harms caused by fixed, non-adjustable desks, in addition to reducing employee productivity and robbing him of his focus and ability to perform.

Finally, the standing desk chair is more flexible, and you can control it more as you need. Therefore, the adjustable ergonomic chair allows you to get the comfort you need while you are sitting at the desk. And it allows you to sit still all the time.

The back of the chair provided by Flaketech Company is designed so that it is suitable for the back and comfortable for sitting for long hours or standing.

The chair is made of high-quality materials, which are durable and elegant in design, and suitable for all people