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The best company to sell adjustable standing desks in Egypt

The best company to sell adjustable standing desks in Egypt
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Among the most popular office furniture is the adjustable standing desk, furniture is one of the main and essential elements in any organization, office, or commercial space. In today’s world, furniture plays an important role in office buildings. They provide a safe and calm environment for the company’s employees.

Although staff comfort is important, the role of furniture does not end there. With the use of appropriate office furniture, the efficiency of employees increases. By choosing them correctly, you can increase the productivity of your employees. Another important part of buying sofas, tables, and chairs is their arrangement. If the sofa and chair are arranged well, the workspace looks more spacious and functional.

Adjustable standing desk

Adjustable standing desks with electric stands help you change your position throughout the day as you wish, as it allows you to have a better position for your neck, back, and general health.

Choosing and buying office furniture or an office chair is one of the most important types of choosing office furniture.

The used office chairs are varied and available in different types in the market.

This is what Flaketech Company provides you with. One of the most important forms of comfortable furniture is adjustable standing desks.

When choosing an office chair, one should pay attention to several factors, including the physique of the person using it, the type of desk layout, the type of use, and so on.A suitable office chair should have the following features:

  • Height adjustable to take the position you need
  • The office chair should be in a rotating position so that there is no great pressure on the spine due to rotation.
  • It is recommended that the edge of the office chair be rounded so as not to block the blood flow in the legs.
  • The office chair must have the ability to adjust the height so that it can be increased or decreased according to the person’s height, and this type is everyone’s favorite and most widespread, and it is called the adjustable standing desk from Flaketech Company.
  • If the chair used in the office has lumbar support, it will help the back to be in a proper position.
  • The seat handles should be also adjustable in height and wide and soft to be ideal for use.
  • It is better that the chair used in the office environment is suitable for the work environment in the body to prevent pressure on the back and spine, and what we recommend is the adjustable standing desks.


Who needs an adjustable standing desk?

In fact, everyone needs adjustable standing desks, says Jack Denerlin, MD, professor of physical therapy, movement sciences, and rehabilitation at Northeastern University in Boston.

“If you want to improve your well-being, having a sitting and standing workstation allows you to change your position and that helps everyone.”

Many studies are researching the benefits and importance of adjustable standing desks, and it has been made clear that there are many benefits and the biggest winners are your neck and back.

When you use adjustable standing desks, you can change things when you feel some pain in your leg, neck, or spine.

Adjustable standing desks are considered successful in changing behavior, that is, making those sitting stand more, and this helps relieve pain and get out of boredom.

Types of office desks

Office employees spend most of their time behind office desks. Choosing a suitable desk can help a lot in improving employee performance.

Office desks have been produced in the world for many years, and this has helped a lot in buying office furniture but we should know that there are different types of office furniture.

The flexible desk is one of the best types of this product, or what is called adjustable standing desks, which makes one feel more comfortable while working in this type of desk, and Flaketech company offers you the best types of adjustable standing desks.

Folding office desks are another type of office desk used in small environments. Desks with different geometries are another example of office desks.

The criteria that it adopts for purchasing office desks

The most important criteria that every person takes into account when buying an office is its price, and Flaketech offers you the best prices.

The price standard of an office desk will affect other criteria as well because in most cases, the higher-priced table will have a higher quality.

  • In this context, one of the other criteria for choosing modular standing desks is its quality: the material of the office desk is a very important issue for its quality to be considered.
  • Another important factor in the quality of an office desk is its durability. Color, design, and style are other important criteria that are considered when purchasing an office desk.
  • There are different types of office desks and given your budget to buy a desk, you can order adjustable standing desks in different shapes
  • The choice of the type of office furniture depends on the customer’s taste and needs.
    The types of office desks include management offices, conference offices, and staff offices, which are preferred to be adjustable standing desks.
  • Collective work offices, secretarial offices, reception desks, and office desks. Each of these tables is placed into different categories according to their needs and uses.

Today, in the production of modern office desks, efforts are made to follow the necessary principles and standards so that employees do not feel tired from sitting behind these desks.

What’s the best way to position yourself at a height-adjustable desk?

There are no one size fits, but it is important to consider that your body feels comfortable in this position when using adjustable standing desks.

While the ergonomics rule of sitting at a desk where your knees, pelvis, and elbows are all at 90 degrees angle is a good starting position.

According to a study by Denerlin published in the journal Human Factors about people’s preference for dealing with office desks, they found that most of them prefer a standing desk position slightly less than elbow height.

They also placed their display lower than they would while sitting, tilted more upwards, and kept the mouse closer to the body while standing than while sitting.

Flaketech offers the best adjustable standing desk furniture and motorized office desk in Egypt, as it offers a variety of office furniture. The company has made a difficult equation to combine the quality of office furniture. Office desks are provided to you with high-quality materials, and the prices are suitable for everyone.