Dual Motor standing desk Frames.. Is it the best? 2023

Dual Motor standing desk Frames.. Is it the best? 2023


If you are looking for a standing desk frame, Flaketech offers high-quality and customizable standing desks in Egypt, then look no further.

The height-adjustable desk frame is produced using the latest technology and we are very selective in the quality of production to ensure that our customers receive the best possible product. We also offer custom-made shapes and sizes to meet the specific needs of each client.

And if you purchase our standing desk frame in bulk, you will be eligible to get this frame at a better price. Standing desks are considered one of the most comfortable and flexible offices. Are you looking for a height-adjustable desk frame that is perfect for commercial use? The Dual Motor Height Adjustable Desk Frame is the best choice for you from Flaketech.

Dual Motor standing desk Frames


When choosing office furniture for the company or office, it must be available on the specifications of healthy office furniture, where the employee sits on the chair for a long period of up to 8 hours in front of the computer, which makes the employee feel exhausted and tired.

Therefore, the office desk must maintain the health of employees and be comfortable, and the best and most widespread option is standing desks with two motors.

Therefore, when choosing an office chair, it must be movable, as it gives the user the ability to control the height and fall to suit his comfort.

It is worth noting that sitting for a long time on the chair is not medical and is not qualified for the employee’s comfort and is not adjustable. 

It causes fatigue for the employees in the back vertebrae area and reduces their productivity.

Dual Motor standing desk Frames from Flaketech



Dual Motor standing desk Frames

in Flaketech Company is a double-sit desk that is advanced in design and capabilities, a strength to be reckoned with among competitors, and the most preferred by many.

Like all high-quality, customer-selected Flaketech products, the Dual Motor Standing Desk features excellent stability at all heights. 

The desk size ranges from 60 cm to 125 cm with a design that has proven effective with 95% of users.

Among the advantages of standing desks, is the dual motor system works with one motor for each leg to raise the desk at a speed of 36 mm per second, ensuring a stable and stable desktop of 100%.

Why do I need a standing desk in the first place?


There are several reasons to consider getting a standing desk from Flaketech. Of course, there are many health benefits to standing desks.

  • Standing desks can help employees stay focused throughout the day.
  • The long working hours, which reach 9 hours, will be very harsh on the employee and will reduce his productivity if he uses the regular office desk that cannot rise and fall.
  • Dual Motor standing desk Frames allow different positions as you need
  • Standing desks promote blood flow, creativity, energy, and productivity. 
  • They also help relieve stress on the core muscle groups that are usually tense from constant sitting and poor posture.
  • Your decision to buy standing office desks is very important, and you will need to determine the type of disk drive to be purchased.

Single or dual Motor standing desk Frames


You should be aware between single-motor and two-motor office desks, choosing between a dual-motor standing desk or a single-motor standing desk can be difficult when you are not quite sure of the differences.

We’ll answer you which one is best plus plenty of factors to consider as well as how the perfect ergonomic desk will work with your existing home office setup and your personal needs.

The single-motor stationary desk works with two sensors that detect the number of times the desk motor rotates and the direction of those actions. 

The sensors send the information to the desktop control box which is used to monitor the height of the desk.

Dual-motor standing desks Frames work similarly, but the motors must remain in sync with each other to keep the desk legs balanced.

Important tips for buying all kinds of office furniture


Always keep distance limits in mind

The size of the office and at the same time the number of employees in your workplace must be properly considered. 

If your workplace accommodates several employees in a small space, you can go for larger shared offices to purchase a variety of office furniture.

  • Office furniture should be suitable for your needs:-An elegant-looking desk isn’t necessarily always practical at least in terms of your needs. To buy all kinds of office furniture.
  • You should pay attention to the practical application and whether the disc is comfortable or not and adjustable or not. 
  • Here we advise you on standing desks that give you the freedom to change your position as you need.
  • Always keep in mind the comfort factor:-When you buy different types of office furniture or order office furniture online, you must consider the comfort of employees, increase their productivity, and not exhaust them.
  • The budget is very important:- Budget is another important factor that you should consider when purchasing office furniture, after all, the design of your office and working environment depends only on it.
  • Everything for all types of modern and ergonomic office furniture. Our range of modern office furniture includes Flaketech, which offers a wide range of flexible standing desk sizes.

And ample storage cabinets, book and file cabinets, modern office chairs, and more. We not only offer the best in modern office furniture but also the best in business relations and pride ourselves on our business clients.

Finally, furniture plays an important role in the work environment, as it provides a safe, quiet, and comfortable environment for the company’s employees. Standing desks are the safest and characterized by high capabilities,

as the lifting capacity of the dual motor frame is much stronger than the single-motor models, as standing desks

provide a huge lifting capacity of up to 140 kg. If you want to equip your office, we can guide you in purchasing the best types of modern office furniture in Flaketech.